6 Ways to Shift Your Energy

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Yesterday my over-the-knee boot got caught in my bike fender (don’t ask, it wasn’t easy to do), I forked my watermelon radish slice so hard it flew across the table and onto the floor, and I had avocado toast crumbs on my face throughout a doctor’s appointment (nope, no one said a thing).

And that’s just the start of it.

At one point in the day I texted my partner, Tim, “Am I on ‘Candid Camera’?!” Remember that show?

When I have days like this (which is more often than I’d like to admit), I find it helpful to do something to try to shift my energy asap and these are my go-tos:

1. Move — when I move my body and/or change the environment, I immediately feel different

2. Slow down — I realized that I was moving so quickly that I felt out of control

3. Breathe —my breath was short and shallow, so I paused and took five deep breaths to calm

4. Read — picking up an inspiring book and thumbing through it helps me to come back to the present moment

5. Body — I noticed my hips in the chair, feet on the floor, and clothing on my skin as a way to regroup

6. Write — taking out pen and paper to write out what’s on my mind always helps to shake things off

Ever have one of those days? Maybe you’re even having one today. If so, try one of these six tips to bring yourself back to baseline. And, remember, you can always begin again. Bisous. x