a new year filled with possibility

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“it’s time to start living the life you’ve imagined.” ~ henry james

at the studio today i led a workshop with 32 fabulous yogis seeking a fresh and reflective start to 2006. we began with reflection, set our intentions, created three action steps, and moved with all this in mind through a 1.5 hour practice. the energy was inspiring, the yogis appeared to be excited and eager to take on the new year. i hope that you, too, were feeling a sense of delight on all the possibility that lies ahead.

ahhh, the hope of a new year, a clean slate, and a fresh start. a brand new year awaits you. the possibilities are endless. a new beginning is offered every day. each morning you are given a fresh canvas on which to paint. you choose the paint colors, the strokes, the pace, and the other players. your life is a constantly evolving work of art. create your new year consiously through reflection, intention, and action.

reflect on lessons learned in 2005. write out a year in review. note what lessons came up for you, how you will handle things differently, and what you have to be grateful for from these key experiences. next, set your intentions by getting them down on paper and staying mindful of them throughout your day. collage or write out on paper what you want 2006 to look like. create action steps on how you plan to get there. post these action steps where you see them every day—on your refrigerator, by your bed, in your office, on your car visor! (example intention: i want my yoga practice to grow. action steps: commit to a daily home practice starting at just 10 minutes, practice at the studio 2-3 times per week, browse the yoga section at a bookstore, carve out a tranquil yoga space at home, subscribe to yoga journal, sign up for level 1 teacher training, etc.)

if you fall short on a new year’s intention mid-month, pick yourself up, honor your effort, and adjust your expectations accordingly. it isn’t possible to be one person on december 31, and a freshly transformed person on january 1. i‘ve read that habits take a shocking 21 days to change. transformation takes time and numerous baby steps. acknowledge your progress and efforts on a regular basis. reward yourself along the way with simple, luxe indulgences. a few of my favorites include: taking hot baths, browsing at a bookstore, taking a restorative yoga practice, eating a meal that nurtures my insides, dancing to madonna’s latest tunes, learning a new skill—hip hop, knitting, sewing, ballet.

take steps daily that bring you closer to the chic and conscious lifestyle you crave. reflection and intentions will only carry you so far; you also have to be action minded. action won’t take you in any particular direction if it isn’t done with reflection and intention. you’re an artist in motion, and now is the perfect time to begin treating your life with the sacredness and creativity it deserves.

as my favorite marianne williamson poem states, “we are all meant to shine and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same.” let your inner light sparkle in 2006 through ongoing reflection, intention, and action. watch amazing things unfold. the potential that lies within you is infinite. take some sacred time to mold it and then live out loud. wear red, learn the tango, study art, try meditating, write a novel. may this be your best year yet!