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tonight i had an astrology reading with a newly added and fabulous astrologer/psychotherapist. carmen just joined our treatments team and exudes such amazing energy. during our session we somehow got talking about exploration and questions. about how challenging it can be to really figure out what makes us tick. i feel like there are so many things i love to do and so many things that i am obligated to do so it is tricky to distinguish the gray area between them. she encouraged me to reflect on how i’m feeling in my body after doing certain things: paperwork, teaching a class, choosing next season’s colors, walking the dog, etc. have you ever stopped to reflect on where you find joy? seems so simple but i think it is jam-packed with baggage and “shoulds.”

apparently i am a “responsible, sensitive rebel” according to various “things” in my chart – i use the word “things” because i can’t recall the correct verbiage! that summary seemed to fit. also, i have a tendency to burn the candle at both ends and have to constantly monitor my physical health. was a very mature and responsible child – yep! have to be sure to set boundaries or lines can easily be crossed. am a natural teacher and explorer of self. tend to teach and share what i’m busy learning. all this fit and was quite interesting. astrology is cool!

the challenge was that i was super-sleepy and kept thinking about getting nachos at the nearby 7/11 so i was a bit distracted. ummmm, not too much healthy about the globs of “cheese” that pours from the nacho machine but somehow i found it comforting after learning about myself for an hour! some people have a glass of wine, i decided to partake in 7/11 nachos. vices, vices, vices.