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bonsoir from little rock.

beau drove about 18 hours straight. we shut down the new studio for the night, dropped off beloved dibora, showered, packed the car, and hit the road. here we are!

i slept in the back most of the journey and my body is an achy mess. especially after the craziness of the past week – shipping, finals, moving, and setting up our new arlington studio hOMe. did some car yoga (simple seated positions) and lounges as soon as we got to our hotel. boy these hips are snug. amazing what a few days of chaos will do to the body!

considering it is early august, it’s time to reflect on what’s to cOMe. sadly, a few july dreams didn’t happen, but, no worries, i’m moving them along to august. this month is SO out of the norm with the oodles of travel, a silent meditation retreat, and thumb surgery topped off with starting school on the 31st!

overall, i want to savor the experience. j’adore road trips (was walking louis and singing “dewey wears short shorts” to the tunes of the gas station music about 5am this morning), enjoy perusing new cities, and love seeing the country via car. follow along via twitter as i’ll be posting photos as we go.

i’m so excited to meet sOMe of you next week in san antonio, austin, houston, and dallas!

please share your dreams/goals, too, or at least pen them in your journal as a reminder of what you hope to experience this sultry month.

august dreams/goals

1. savor lots of family time: parents, aunt, uncle, gramma
stay healthy during this travel-intense month (exercise, eat well, hydrate)
3. get signed copies of books on etsy as a start to my forthcoming (promise!) store
e-course FAQS
5. *new* tranquility project e-course
6. bask in silent meditation retreat august 20-22

7. date nights in various cities with beau
create right brain business plan journal a la jennifer lee
9. host fun, inspiring events at B+N + indie book stores in texas
10. read turning the mind into an ally and finish non-violent communication
11. finalize partnership with 1% for the planet
12. launch *new*
13. draft of *new*

july dreams/goals

1. design *new* fall e-course – WORKING ON IT
2. create e-course FAQ – UM, WORKING ON IT
3. complete my many MSW projects for social policy II – DONE
4. finalize fall TranquiliT samples + shoot fall collection – DONE
5. lead inspiring retreat at kripalu – DONE
6. compile tranquil space teams’ “TS experience” description – DONE
7. yoga 2-3 X/week + gym 2-3 X/week – DONE MOST WEEKS
8. read 1 book for fun – ALMOST DONE WITH 168 HOURS, J’ADORE!
9. co-lead inspiring tranquil teens session for running start – DONE
10. finalize tranquil space website redesign – DOING
11. complete tranquil space arlington build out – DOING
12. oodles of hammock time – DONE
13. create right brain business plan journal a la jennifer lee – UM, WILL DO