B+ IS the new A-: week in review

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week in review

confession: i’m loving the schedule switcheroo. it feels like i’m playing hooky, but i’m not!

– i am now the proud owner of my first bottle of chanel parfum thanks to mindy of wish studio.
– remember my wee “break down ” over a B+? well, my teacher mailed back my final exam and i found a math error that missed my 2 point extra credit. those 2 points brought my final exam to a 90 and my final grade to an A-. karma points: the math error was made on all exams so it affected two other peopl
– meditated with sharon salzberg. heart her.
– got tickets to sex and the city 2 for opening day, of course!
– got tickets to buddhafest in june.
– started summer school: think i’m gonna dig my social policy classes. enjoy the macro thought.
– recorded 3 podcasts so far, 2 to go today. oodles of creative spark and inspiration to come!
– shipped 40+ TranquiliT goodies to tranquilista e-course graduates all over the world. congrats, ladies!
– sent agenda for sunday’s tranquil space teacher retreat at beau’s cabin in WV – complete with OMwork.
– rearranged tranquil space boutique/tea bar area for optimal tranquility.
– started tuesday and friday with 10 minutes of meditation.
– acupuncture + 2 physical therapy sessions.
– taught my new “wednesday is the new tuesday” open flow class.
– completed my spring semester with saturday’s stats final and started summer school on tuesday. 2 days sans school!
– found out i got an 85 on my stats final. was OVER the moon. b for the course which is fabulous considering i. don’t. enjoy. math.
– had a fun sushi, plum wine, goober pie date with the lovely amanda hirsch. always a treat to play catch-up with friends.
– hosted mindy of wish studio’s workshop chez moi on friday and we painted, painted, and painted some more.

it’s been fun to try out a new schedule, switch things up, and start a few days in meditation. hopefully there is more of that to come!

back to podcast recordings. sending you lots of love and wishes for celebration of everyday moments.