buddhism basics

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i came across the cutest book that i just had to share–girl meets bliss: zen and the art of modern life maintenance! it’s a girl’s guide to buddhism and breaks it all down in terms hip tranquil chicks can understand. by page 12 i declared to my beau, “i think i’m a buddhist!” he encouraged me to read beyond page 12 before making such a declaration. i’m loving this read and i hope you will too.

after taking 3.5 years off since my last buddhism/meditation training (my hips were sore and my mind needed this much time to recover from 1.5 days of silence), i think i’m ready to venture into level 2 of the shambhala training. i’ve found one in february, and if the stars align, i plan to be there. here’s to creating a little more silence and space in the new year. . .