change of routine, change of perspective

love notes
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as we slowly move out of the drudge of winter, i see new hope and color on the horizon. lately i’ve been experiencing a slump. you know, the typical “woe is me” feeling that can consume even the most upbeat of souls. it’s interesting to note how i react to the fog. i up my yoga practice, i get it out in my journal, i share with those i trust, i try to solve everything at once, i read books and work with consultants on streamlining, and i wallow in self-pity! it is interesting to note that when i lose sight of myself due to incessent movement, the universe has a way of slowing me down. hard drive fails (happened two weeks ago and haven’t even had a chance to try to restore the data), water heater decides to stop working and start leaking, studio personnel revamping, and samples of new spring clothing line needs lots of tweaks. some days i wonder how much i can handle. then, i get up the next morning and start anew. i’ve come to realize that how i handle myself in challenges speaks stronger than how i handle myself when things are going well. i’ve also noticed that even the smallest change to my routine can affect my perspective in a good way. walking my baby pug louis on a friday night, taking a sunday afternoon yoga class (my one standard day off from the studio), meeting friends for dinner, taking a different route to work, having “date night” with my oh-so-patient beau, eating strawberry shortcake for breakfast, and stopping at starbucks for a chamomile tea during afternoon errand running.

if you too are working to come out of a winter funk, look no further than your daily routine to spice things up. spring is on the horizon and it brings such possibility and room for growth. during my creativity circle yesterday we discussed how we are like seeds germinating below the surface, and we need plenty of water and sunshine to grow. water yourself with self-nurturing acts, bathe yourself in the sunshine of special friends, and allow yourself plenty of time to push through the soil. your potential is truly limitless. i’m hopeful that the warmth of dc today sprinkled a little bit of hope and nourishment in your direction.