confession deux

love notes
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thanks for all your well wishes. wow, i should get sick more often. i’m honored to have received such sweet notes! i got in some good yoga and meditation today despite still feeling quite weak. gotta get to bed soon as i’m dashing off to new york tomorrow for an all-day ladies who launch event and to get in some good new york yoga. ahhhhh.

ok, so while i’m on the confession kick, i must also share that my “use” of the beautiful french language is not pretty. my “accent” is a lovely blend of spanglish. i left class monday night so disappointed (you know that feeling from grade school of getting really frustrated over a math problem) that instead of taking a friend up on the offer of veggie sushi, i hit the nearby book store and got a BIG rice crispy treat. ate it on the walk home as i had a pitty party for my inability to speak fluently after the second class. so maybe fluently is a bit agressive, but i’m still trying to figure out the darn alphabet, accents, and pronunciation of the verb conjucation! i’ve been told there are some great french podcasts so i think i’ll check them out.

i hope you are all taking good care of yourselves. this weather and time of the year can be tricky on the immune system and psyche. seems like we should be gathering our nuts and preparing for a nice long slumber, doesn’t it? well, instead of gathering nuts (your neighbors may get nervous), pull out your journal, do some seasonal reflection, hit the yoga mat, and curl up with a good book. i’m with you in spirit! xo xo xo