day two

love notes
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alright, i’m a bit more stabilized after yesterday’s culture shock. i guess that is to be expected but i hadn’t really prepared myself for needing to acclimate (kinda like climbing mt. everest – ok, i emphasize KINDA). i woke up well rested, had my cup of green tea, and have been in much better spirits today. knowing what i’m in for helps.

our morning practice involves 75 breaths in shoulderstand (not my fave pose) and 50 in headstand (not easy). in addtion, we learned about kriyas today and i was given my first neti pot. i feel like a neti pot drop out. i tried 5 times and the water wouldn’t come through my other nostril – felt like i was drowning. apparently i’m blocked. gotta work on that one. also, we got a skin brush and tongue scraper. all sorts of new toys. learned anatomy all afternoon and 3 hours of chanting, meditation, and lecture tonight. so all-encompassing.

apparently my nag champa incense set off the fire alarm last night. oops . . . maybe burning that plus 2 cotton scented and star gazer lily scented candles was too much! gotta beg the beau to bring real star gazer lillies when he comes up on saturday for my day off. god forbid i go without scents due to an overly sensitive fire alarm!

dashing off for dinner and to throw on a soy cardi shawl. apparently that’s what people wear to satsang. i arrived in all-black last night. oops.

check out a fun online interview here. au revoir.