finding your edge

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this week i’ve had two requests for must-speak-with-you-now mentoring sessions. two lovely ladies had found their edge. your edge is that place where you are looking out and realizing you’re no longer in your comfort zone and yet you aren’t in pain either. you’re just a bit uncomfortable, full of sensation, and maybe a tad bit nervous. taking risks is never easy. but it is necessary to continue to grow and live life fully.

in yoga, we experience it when we feel sensation in a pose. for example, we drop deeper into a crescent lunge and feel our hip flexors rather than keeping our hips pulled back and comfortable.

in life, we experience it when we say or do something (like “sure i’ll facilitate that meeting” when you are terrified of public speaking) that pushes us out of our safe, comfortable space.

i encourage you to ask yourself weekly, if not daily, “have i pushed my edge today?”

we all find our edge in different places – some going to a cocktail party where they know no one, some accepting an opportunity that feels a bit out of their league, some saying “no” when it is easier to say “yes.” find your edge. explore it.