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as i bring my 15+ hour workday to a close, i’m forced to reflect, take a deep breath, and write a quick “bonjour” to my fellow hip and (trying to be) tranquil chicks:

  • after 4 mugs filled with iced green tea, i may be up for days. caffeine has a crazy effect on my highly sensitive system. uh oh!
  • i’m still feeling the effects of the 108 sun salutes from sunday’s global mala event. sure, i snuck out for 3 of ’em to use the loo, but even 105 has brought sensation to my hamstrings that i didn’t think was possible.
  • i’m taking thursday as a mental health day to get a massage and play with my BFF. we may see a matinee, hit a museum, or talk big picture. always a treat and much needed at the moment. yay for mental health days. can you reserve one on your calendar?
  • saturday is our 2nd annual tranquil space “tranquiliteam” retreat and we’re having it at the brewmaster’s castle. so excited!
  • hip holidays teleclass scheduled for monday, november 12. join us!
  • buy yourself some flowers, you deserve it!
  • tranquil space foundation gala is coming up on thursday, october 11. if you can join us, please do. if you’d like to donate something fabulous for the silent auction, please let me know.
  • are you feeling the effects of fall yet? i was able to wear a baby doll dress with boots yesterday and i was in heaven. fall fashion is so fun this season. guess fall fashion is always fun, eh? wait until you see what TranquiliT has in store!
  • read any good books lately? i just recently finished rules for renegades and enjoyed it. found it at the airport bookstore en route to costa rica and couldn’t resist. you know, that whole “pulse goes up when i realize i packed 5 books but want another” struggle i always have. . ..
  • here are some notes i took during a lecture at global mala on acceptance by the lovely tara brach:
    • sacred art of pausing
    • what stops you from loving what is?
    • what stops you from loving yourself as you are right now?
    • fear that if you love yourself as is, you will downward spiral or not improve.
    • carl jung stated that only if you accept yourself as is, then you can change
    • vengeance is a lazy form of grief
    • failure to experience joy is directly related to an inability to forgive