happy bunny day!

love notes
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i woke up feeling like a kid in the candy store. for some reason easter always makes me smile. maybe it is the assurance that chocolate bunnies are sure to come my way or the crazy-colored peeps marshmallow bunnies. either way, i love this holiday.

as i write this week’s column, i came across this article that i wanted to share: setting goals vs. setting intentions. this article came out a few years ago and i remember tearing it out to reread it as i still struggle with crystallizing the difference between a goal and intention. i hope this helps you with the crystallization.

in addition, i want to encourage you to set some goals and intentions for spring. we’re a quarter through the year so far. how are those new year’s goals coming along? it’s a great time to take stock, reprioritize, and make room for what is bubbling beneath the surface. enjoy your bunny day and i hope the bunny brought you some yummy treats! (i keep asking beau where my delivery from the bunny is and he reminds me that it must be with his – oops, we forgot pull things together in advance to do the bunny exchanges. however, pug is sure to get a pastel-colored cupcake from the doggie bakery!)