happy MLK day!

love notes
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bonjour from a fabulous coffeeshop in asheville called dripolator. we have to hit the road to head back to dc, but i could camp out here for days. i have wifi, a ton of good books (2 new ones purchased yesterday — YES, i have a problem!), my beau and pug in tow, planner pad, pens, journal, and yoga/lifestyle wear on so i can break out a pose at any moment. basically, this is heaven.

i was tickled to get a comment on the blog yesterday from a boy (gasp!) who reminds us that there are boys out there reading this blog. secretly, i love it. delighted to hear that the hip tranquil chick message is resonating across genders. maybe hip tranquil dude is next? seriously though, despite the pink and leopard-print, i hope that the tranquil tips (sans lip gloss) translate into more tranquility for all people. yep, even boys!

i’m also VERY excited to share that we have an almost full teleclass sign-up and it is two weeks away. if you haven’t yet received your confirm or want to join us, let me know as we’re almost at capacity. i can’t wait to connect with you all in this way as i feel like we’re blessed with a vibrant community. i want to do all i can to meet you despite our varied physical locations while also connecting you to each other. if you have suggestions on what you’d like to see, let me know! a few things in the works:

pass along other suggestions as to what you need, want, and desire to help you lead your most passionate and playful potential!

in honor of today’s holiday, please take a moment to express gratitude for those who have gone before us to make our lives more tranquil. i’m still in awe that martin luther king, jr. was only 39. he serves as an inspiration to do great things at a young age.

merci beaucoup for being you,