happy new year!

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can you believe it’s 2006? happy, happy new year!

although i craved a quiet evening at home with a good book (one of my many 50+ waiting to be read) in front of the fire, celebrations began with a lovely dinner party at 6:30, and i’m just now home at 1:30. the dinner party was a total treat, along with the after party where we brought louis who was a big hit.

it’s funny how i thought i needed a quiet evening, yet pushing my edge to be “on” longer than i thought i had the energy for, turned out to be a lovely night. sometimes we just have to put our best face forward and “fake it ’til we make it.”

during experiences of pushing my comfort zone, i’m often surprised how much fun it can be to shake things up a bit. yes, i have tons of writing to do. yes, i have a workshop tomorrow to finalize. yes, i have tons of books i’m dying to dive into. yes, a hot bath always sounds like a good idea. however, tonight was a night to live a little, sip some champagne, toast in the possibility of the new year, mingle with friends, and push beyond my self-imposed limits.

cheers to pushing our comfort zones, stepping outside the box, knowing when to stay in or be “on,” living a lot in 2006, and sipping champagne along the way. happy 2006!