it’s the little things

love notes
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back in dc for less than 24 hours. dashing off to my silent meditation retreat for the weekend. send good thoughts. i’m a wee bit nervous and VERY excited about the experience. can’t wait to share. while handling mounds of paperwork that accumulated while i was away, i took a step back to shoot photos of a few simple treasures.

during a rummage through mum’s garage, i found this vintage silver file box and fell in love. stuffed it full of linens crafted by my great grandmother and hauled it back to dc. isn’t it darling?

while i was stuffing organic lavender into muslin bags today to ship with TranquiliT orders, i had to smile. not a bad job to have! j’adore the idea that people’s orders arrive smelling like tranquility.

i recently came across these cute brown bags and picked them up to hold receipts, tea bags, candles, and other goodies shipped with TranquiliT orders. isn’t the final product darling? will be ordering a TranquiliT stamp to use on the bags instead of the sticker but love the look.

what simple treasures have you come across lately?