june dreams: my birthday month

love notes
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bonnard among the peonies chez moi

it’s that time of the month – assessment and setting of dreams/goals.
june is a mixture of physical, creative, spiritual, and relationship aspirations. in addition, i turn 37 on the 30th. love birthdays. as 2010 unfolds, i’m definitely feeling a shift take place. what that is is to be determined. searching for clarity seems to make it even more elusive. time will tell. in the interim, i’m doing my best to savor tranquility (and many lessons) along the way.

june dreams/goals

1. eat oodles of papaya in costa rica – DOING!
learn oodles at buddhafest
3. 10 minute morning meditation
4. to bed b/w 10-midnight, to rise b/w 7-9
5. learn from journal extraordinaire during
playdate with hope of paper relics
6. savor korean spa playdate with shizuka
7. submit testimony and final paper for social policy class
8. rock my social policy final exam
consistent weekly date night with beau
10. start build-out for new tranquil space arlington studio + share with community
11. co-lead inspiring tranquil teens program for tranquil space foundation
offer inspiring + informative talks during LA + portland events
13. launch second tranquilista lifestyle: joie de vivre e-course
14. return to yoga post-surgery at the end of the month: woo hoo!
15. do oodles of hOMework for 3 e-courses i’m signed up for: one (or two) too many
16. join a gym (first time since 1996)
17. read 2 books for pleasure

may dreams/goals

1. get my hands dirty and spruce up patio garden. – DONE
2. savor every minute with gramma and mum during may visit to oklahoma. – DONE
3. lead an inspiring retreat to costa rica over memorial day weekend/week. – DOING
4. finish spring MSW semester strong + start summer the following week. – DONE
5. lead fun-filled doga session to raise awareness + funds for washington humane society. – DONE
6. reorganize infrastructure of tranquil space foundation for better streamlining. – DOING
7. launch tranquil space’s new website. – DOING
8. savor georgia o’keefe exhibit + artist date at the phillip’s collection. – DONE
9. smooth transition into “wednesday is the new tuesday” schedule revamp. – DONE
10. weekly PT and acupuncture for more healing. – DONE
11. auditions for new, talented, nurturing tranquil space teacher subs. – DONE
12. send inspiring newsletter (sign up at bottom of linked page). – DONE
13. begin fall TranquiliT designs: colors are platinum, plum + noir. – DONE
14. daily declutter. – ONGOING
15. inspiring wrap-up to tranquilista lifestyle: joie de vivre e-course + schedule next one. – DONE
16. get ticket to india for november retreat. all levels welcome. my mum is coming from oklahoma! – DONE
17. reflect on ways to merge my “how i spend my time” with “how i want to spend my time” – blog post forthcoming. – HMMMM, ONGOING
19. host inspiring teacher retreat at beau’s cabin. – DONE
20. more videos on all things tranquilista. any requests? – NONE IN MAY, OODLES OF PODCASTS. MORE VIDEO TO COME!