lesson learned

love notes
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haven’t you heard that what we don’t like in other people is actually a reflection of what we don’t like in ourselves? i know, i know, i don’t like that theory either. however, i was recently at an event where i said to my girlfriend, “i wish that woman would stop agreeing with everything the teacher says.” i’m a nodder so i realized that this woman was simply nodding aloud with her constant “uh huh,” however it was distracting in such a large group. the more i focused on it, the worse it got and i lost focus on the insightful gems the teacher was sharing.

then my lesson occurred. this woman came up to me after the class to tell me that i had such amaing energy and that she appreciated the wink i’d given her the day before. i was horrified and honored. horrified because if this lovely woman only knew that only moments prior i had been complaining about her and honored because she came up to me and said something that highly improved my day. wow, what a lesson. how many of these daily annoyances are actually lessons in disguise?

excited to take a 2-hour workshop with john friend on hip opening (my favorite part of class) shortly and have workshops with sarah powers and seane corn tomorrow. promise to share, regina! 😉