let your life shine

love notes
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a new favorite motto . . . but what does it mean? how can one let their life shine? 
the phrase brings me back to sunday school days of singing “this little light of mine, i’m gonna let it shine.” remember that song? catchy tune! well, i simply replaced light with life and, voila, i have a new motto. here are a few simple ways to let your life shine:
pen your thoughts
express yourself through movement
think BIG
be an activist
do privately what you preach publicly
pursue your passion
dive into your dreams
let go
take the high road
live beautifully
heal old hurts
smile at strangers
give back
honor all beings
don sparkles (had to throw that in)
light candles
savor simplicity
sprinkle magic
et toi? how do you believe we can let our lives shine?
bisous. x