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(Hi. As a reminder, I’m Amanda from over at Creative DC, and I’m guest blogging while Kimberly is away in Costa Rica this week. She’ll be back on the 9th.)

I’m in a cafe I don’t usually visit, and have been having a fabulous time people-watching and overhearing tidbits of conversations. I’m reminded of a scene in a great film, 32 Short Films About Glenn Gould, in which you “hear” everything that Gould, a famous pianist, hears in a greasy spoon – and come to understand that for him, the world is a living orchestra. The conversation next to him is like the violins – then he tunes into another across the room, and it’s like the horns are starting.

Life is as we experience it. So today, try listening differently – either in a public place, or in a conversation, or even to yourself. Try what meditation teachers suggest – imagine leaving your body and floating up to the ceiling, then gaze down at yourself as if you were watching a character in a movie. What does that character hear? And what is she missing?