making a list and checking it twice

love notes
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it’s officially the holidays and the merriment of it is everywhere. we’ll be bringing some home as we’re heading out to the country on sunday to cut our own tree. i grew up with an artificial tree, and thanksgiving evening is when we’d pull it all out of storage to “deck the halls.” no sense in wasting time, we started early! when a friend introduced me to the joy of a live tree, i haven’t gone back. the thrill of the hunt – choosing a tree, sawing it down (i read that for every tree cut, three more are planted so i lost the guilt), watching it get bundled, hauling it home, and placing the ornaments strategically. there is nothing like the smell of an evergreen or fir tree to help make the season bright. the amount of joy gained from this experience is immeasurable.

as we approach the craziness of the holiday season, i encourage you to take a little time to review your year. it’s a fun task to do at your birthday and towards the end of the year. why not begin collecting mementos, photos, and memories? create a list of the year – note highlights, lessons learned, missions accomplished, and “ones to ponder.” by reviewing our actions and emotions, we’re sure to learn more about ourselves, and take action steps to make changes. begin making your list and enjoy checking it twice through review and introspection.

happy, happy holidays!