may blooms, dreams + goals

love notes
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“and the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud
was more painful
than the risk it took to bloom.”
– anais nin

a beloved yogini/blog reader, carol meyers, passed along these gorgeous images of peonies and graciously allowed me to pull them together and share them with you. don’t they inspire? peonies are one of my absolute favorite flowers. so yummy. so fragile. so fragrant.

well, it’s that time of the month – reflection and assessment. here goes . . .

may dreams/goals

1. get my hands dirty and spruce up patio garden.
2. savor every minute with gramma and mum during may visit to oklahoma.
3. lead an inspiring retreat to costa rica over memorial day weekend/week.
4. finish spring MSW semester strong + start summer the following week.
5. lead fun-filled doga session to raise awareness + funds for washington humane society.
6. reorganize infrastructure of tranquil space foundation for better streamlining.
7. launch tranquil space’s new website.
8. savor georgia o’keefe exhibit + artist date at the phillip’s collection.
9. smooth transition into “wednesday is the new tuesday” schedule revamp.
10. weekly PT and acupuncture for more healing.
11. auditions for new, talented, nurturing tranquil space teacher subs.
12. send inspiring newsletter (sign up at bottom of linked page).
13. begin fall TranquiliT designs: colors are platinum, plum + noir.
14. daily declutter.
15. inspiring wrap-up to tranquilista lifestyle: joie de vivre e-course + schedule next one.
16. get ticket to india for november retreat. all levels welcome. my mum is coming from oklahoma!
17. reflect on ways to merge my “how i spend my time” with “how i want to spend my time” – blog post forthcoming.
19. host inspiring teacher retreat at beau’s cabin
20. more videos on all things tranquilista. any requests?

april dreams/goals

1. fancy up blog photos (as done above) via picasa. BEEN DOING IT. YAY!
2. create a few new inspiration folders. DONE + SHARED
3. plan + host a tranquilista tea at tranquil space. DONE
4. planning + hosting assistance of luna fest for my non-profit. please come! DONE
5. physical therapy + sacred healing of shoulder = PT job this month DOING
6. MSW final papers + exams prep. DOING – EXAMS NEXT WEEK
7. lead inspiring, productive retreat with tranquil space management team. DONE
8. crystalize plans for etsy store. IN PROGRESS
9. finalize new tranquil space website and began revamp of TranquiliT website. DOING
10. continue reflection and implement of principles in the not so big life (podcast forthcoming) IN PROGRESS
11. tea with director at farm sanctuary. learn how to do more for the animals. DONE
12. spring cleaning chez moi next saturday with pal. au revoir clutter, bonjour space. DONE
13. spend time in nature: bask in sunshine and soak up vitamin d. DONE
14. stablize morning ritual: green tea, ezekiel toast, journal, daily yin yoga + meditation practice, then e-mail. UMMM, IN PROGRESS
15. choose a third necklace from art and clasp’s etsy store to add to my collection (see photo above). gorgeous and *love* supporting indie when possible. DONE

now that i’ve shared my dreams, to-dos, successes, and “still in progresses,” i’d love to hear what *you* have on the horizon. may we all continue to bloom, grow, and flourish this month.