may dreams

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morning snapshot of may dreams
dearest you: up at 5am, couldn’t sleep. decided to get out of bed and start the day at 6am and love the quiet of early mornings. my sliding glass door is open so that i can listen to the warm pouring rain. a true blessing. 
can you believe it is may 1? while teaching last night i noted that we were 1/3 through 2012. how is that even possible? april’s theme at tranquil space was on finding a balance between effort and surrender. i encouraged students to reflect on the first 1/3 and whether they tended toward effort (discipline) or surrender (let go) and where they’d like to lean in may. hmmmm, how about you?
this year has been a bit of a blur on many levels. considering gramma was transitioned to hospice care early january, i feel like that has been the overarching journey for me this year. last week i completed my spring semester (3 years down, 1 to go = woo hoo) and i’m wrapping up my final two weeks at tranquil space before transitioning into semi-sabbatical mode. then, a few days later, le beau, le pug, and moi are dashing off to france to facilitate two 10-day yoga + art retreats plus vacay for 2 weeks.
i’m winding down life as i’ve known it for 13 years. ideally there won’t be many changes to the outside world as the studio will hum along with our rock star team at the helm, moi in the strategic background still teaching and taking heaps of classes at tranquil space. however, my hope is to make deeper shifts for myself – toward mindfulness (signed up for a year of mindfulness program), toward creativity (signed up for an embroidery and a hand stamped jewelry class), and toward finishing up my master’s in social work and internship with a deep sense of learning.
change is in the air. it feels good and it feels scary. shaking up patterns isn’t easy and the conflict around it was the theme of my sketchbook submission for the sketchbook project. as we move into this fresh month, a blank slate full of possibility, i encourage you to review your dreams, what’s working, and what isn’t working. may we all continually strive to align our dreams with our daily life. merci beaucoup for being a part of my journey.
bisous. x