Mindful Moments

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Take a Mindful Moment

On Sunday I led a six-hour daylong retreat for the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course I’m hosting at Tranquil Space. The group practiced walking meditation, seated meditation, body scan, and mindful yoga.

For some, it was a relaxing day for slowing down and tuning inward. For others, it was a challenging day filled with fidgeting and frustration. Both experiences are to be expected.

Taking the time to stop and notice what’s going on in the body and mind is challenging. It requires shifting from autopilot, carving out space to push the pause button, noticing the mind’s activity, feeling any emotions arising, and observing the body’s physical sensations.

One doesn’t have to wait for a daylong retreat to hit the pause button. You can do it right now. Stop reading and take three deep breaths . . . voilà, you did it!

In the above photo, I had a few minutes post-yoga before my next appointment so I hopped into a cafe. I ordered a cuppa jasmine tea and a vegan chocolate chip cookie, pulled up a seat by the window to pen a few love notes, and captured the moment on Instagram. It’s these spontaneous mindful moments of tea sipping, cookie eating, and love note writing that make my day brighter.

Here are some ways I like to take a mindful moment during the day:

Sip a cuppa tea
Write a love note
Cuddle Mookie
Practice yoga
Sit in meditation
Eat a yummy meal
Connect with a friend
Take a walk
Ride my bike
Soak in the tub
Connect to my breath
Time with animals
Plan my day
Sit fireside
Take photos

These are my simple every day activities that offer an opportunity to slow down, tune in, and savor the moment. What are yours?

Choose three to make a priority today. Our days, and lives, are made up of these tiny moments. Bisous. x