mindful monday

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image courtesy of hacscrap
welcome to monday. a new week and a fresh start. there is always something anxiety-producing and also exciting about mondays. that balance between “how will i ever get everything done?” to “ah, another 168 hours to create my life.” do you feel it, too?
while facilitating yesterday’s tranquil space foundation strategic planning session and participating in last night’s tranquil space teacher meeting, i observed how tough it is for us to stay in the present moment. our minds are constantly pulling us in multiple directions. as if the moment we’re in isn’t enough.
it’s as if a little devil is on one shoulder saying, “look at your planner and outline the week. who liked your comment on Facebook. snap a picture of this moment. i wonder what emails are waiting for you.” almost like a loop that churns over and over.
today as you find yourself pulled in multiple directions via technology, planning, rehashing, you know basically anything not in the present moment, gingerly return yourself to now. 
it’s not easy. it’s not the norm. it takes practice. it will make you more tranquil.