mindful monday

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image courtesy of hope of paper relics
welcome to monday and our final month to tie a bow around 2013. what a year, eh?
while immersed in massive decluttering this weeekend {au revoir TEN bags of clothing}, i took a break to check facebook and saw hope’s post regarding reverb 2013. it felt like the perfect push to start the end of year reflection process. you may recall the reverb posts of 2010 and i love that hope is continuing the journey. {and we have an artist play date later this month, ooh la la}
consider using december for deep reflection. each day pen thoughts into a notebook, answer a reverb prompt from 2012, or simply sit with your cuppa tea and breathe. 
journal writing is an informal mindfulness practice that can help us tune in, slow down, and make sense of the madness. i’ve been an avid fan since the ripe ol’ age of eight and plan to use the reverb prompts of previous years to do some digging into 2013. 
need more encouragement? check out 10 journaling tips via tiny buddha or virginia woolf on the creative benefits. now, will you join moi? let’s honor 2013. bisous. x

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