mindful monday

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image courtesy of career girl network
welcome to monday. sometimes dreaded. sometimes gleefully anticipated. how is it feeling for you so far? 
since i’m on the west coast, the day is just beginning and i’m excited about my week in portland. i’ll be editing, writing, doing yoga, dreaming, sipping tea with friends, getting le pug’s pic taken, starting a 10-day summer detox, mentoring, saying goodbye to le beau as he embarks on a 3-week bike ride, and learning how to solder pendants at my favorite art store in alberta, collage.
one way i’ve been experimenting with mindfulness since my return from france is by being fully present in the moment {to the best of my ability}. since i wasn’t able to check email on my phone while out and about in paris, i waited until i returned to my apartment to settle in for limited online time. this habit has transitioned nicely to my daily life since returning stateside tuesday night. although my internal time zone clock is undergoing massive confusion {paris time to dc time to portland time within a few days}, my connection habits have enjoyed a nice shift. 
as the above image states: be here now. during this weekend’s conference {podcast featuring our takeaways coming this week}, i rarely felt pulled to be doing anything other than savoring the speakers, connecting with the people in front of me, and taking it all in. this is new for me. although i’m constantly preaching and striving to practice being here now, it isn’t my natural state. i feel things changing {albeit slowly} and i like it. yay 40!
this week notice when you find yourself rehashing the past and worrying about the future. it’s often our modus operandi. instead, see if you can reel your focus in to this very moment. yes, it may be unpleasant. maybe even boring. maybe even downright uncomfortable. however, this moment is exactly where we need to be. and the people involved in the moment you’re sharing deserve your attention.
here are a few tips for being present in this moment from zen habits. shall we give it a go, dear readers? bisous. x