mindful monday

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welcome back to mindful monday. after a weekend basking in mindfulness {versus donning a noir robe to receive my diploma}, i’m filled with gratitude for the mindfulness immersion. a truly decadent adventure.

during our free time {when we weren’t in sitting meditation, walking meditation, eating vegan/gluten-free, hiking, doing yoga, listening to dharma talks and sharing}, i was reading from phillip moffit‘s book, dancing with life, or soren gordhamer’s book, wisdom 2.0. both are incredibly juicy and i find myself slowly savoring moffit’s {more heady} while devouring gordhamer’s {most accessible}.

there are a few gems that spoke to me over the weekend. i wanted to pass this along to you from wisdom 2.0

“For those of us who seek to live consciously and with less stress, it helps to align the internal and external, to see if our external actions do justice to what internally matters to us. . . If asked, I would answer that my health, eating well, and spending time in nature mattered, but my actions said otherwise. If you watched my actions, these were not at all my priorities. By my actions, what most mattered to me was knowing if I had received any messages in the two minutes since I had last checked. That is how I spent much of my day. This disconnect, I realized, was adding difficulty to my life. I thus had to either change what mattered to me or change my actions. By feeling one thing internally while my actions expressed completely different priorities, my life was out of alignment. In this situation, the very things that were truly important to me like my health and well-being, were not being addressed.”

this reminded me of something robin fisher roffer shared in our podcast about making changes when noticing her actions weren’t aligning with her values. i found that to be a powerful reminder and one that is often helpful to hear. over and over again.

as you review your to-do lists, appointments, relationships, and obligations, consider this post and the alignment of internal and external. i promise to continually do the same. bisous. x