mindful monday

love notes
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happiest of mondays to you. i hope you had a lovely weekend filled with joyful experiences. i talked le beau into staying in town (vs escaping to his man cabin) and we got to enjoy saturday night by the fire, sleeping in sunday morning, homemade meals, and documentary watching. it was a spontaneous treat and, coupled with my digital day off, made for a lovely weekend.
while lingering in bed sunday morning, i picked up an oldie but goodie to peruse, less: accomplishing more by doing less by marc lesser. you may recall our podcast in 2009 where marc shared his tips and tricks. he’s a gem and has a new book out that i’ve just started, know yourself, forget yourself: five truths to transform your work, relationships, and everyday life. the above passage caught my attention: 
“however, i would propose that we accomplish more when we approach each moment and task in an open, relaxed, and fully engaged manner — whether leading a meeting, answering emails, or taking our children to school. in this way, our sense of accomplishment depends more on the way we act (which we can control) than on the results (which may be out of our control). no matter the chaos of any particular day, this can become one of our most important and useful aspirations and measures of success.” (p.15)
a perfect one to ponder on this monday. bisous. x
p.s. i just received a link to this new york times article in my inbox: “relax! you’ll be more productive.” enjoy!