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Bonjour from the woods in West Virginia where we spent the past few days hosting an amazing group of retreaters. 
Stepping out of daily life and into a retreat takes a lot of intention, courage, and planning. There’s always something else you should be doing. After all, that to-do list isn’t getting any shorter on it’s own, right? 
Yet stepping off the hamster wheel to take time for yourself to rest, rejuvenate, and reflect can have profound results on your mental and physical health. 
For example, while setting up for the retreat on Friday, I received an email from a former Tranquil Space employee/yogi stating that without the studio, she didn’t think she’d be alive today. 
And retreaters will often share that what they take away from a retreat is so much more than expected. Experiences catered to connecting within changes lives.
Remember, the to-do list will still be there, but this moment will pass. And it passes with every inhale and exhale. Set aside time for non-doing. Start with five minutes a day and build on it. That’s how habits, practices . . .  even lives are created. One breath at a time. Bisous. x