mindful monday

love notes
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miss lillie in her winter snuggie
welcome to monday. a fresh week and {nearly} a brand new month. i’m so looking forward to penning my april dreams and reviewing march’s. i’ll be sure to share on the blog this week. going through this process always helps me feel more grounded.

i spent the weekend in the woods for the first time since christmas and it was good for my soul. most of the time was spent in bed reading, napping, and reading some more. a truly decadent experience. and just what was needed to hit the reset button.
we expected rain all weekend which is always a treat to me. it finally began to pour saturday evening as we were curled in front of a fire that le beau stoked all day. 
sunday morning the rain had big flakes in it which turned into a significant snow storm. flakes the size of golf balls. it made for a tricky journey back to dc, but how i love a winter wonderland falling over yellow daffodils making their way out of the earth. a stunning reminder of the cycle of life.
before we left i snapped the above photo of the woods and miss lillie. it was a tranquil, and unexpected, moment. life is full of them. if only we allow our expectations to shift.
this is one of the many lessons of mindfulness. change is constant. it is our attachment to things staying the same that causes suffering. and this, dear readers, can make us miss a beautiful snowstorm when we’re expecting rain. bisous. x