mindful monday

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image courtesy of paconferenceforwomen
bonjour monday. i hope that your weekend was filled with tranquil adventures. mine began with a two-hour partner yoga workshop with le beau where we laughed most of the time, followed by a museum and brunch date with a friend, massage, another brunch meeting chez moi, a dance class, and four podcast interviews. it felt like a nice balance of work and play. 
wednesday i’m heading to oklahoma to be with my family for the two-year anniversary of my beloved gramma’s passing. i look forward to being home where there are sure to be many adventures, much reminiscing, and belly laughs co-mingled with tears.
while looking for an insightful image to fuel today’s piece, i came across the above infographic based on emily bennington‘s teleclass and it felt like just the right fodder. how have i not come across her before? mindfulness + leadership + women = perfection. 
as i look over the infographic, i’m smitten with the simplicity of the message. if only this simplicity could infuse each moment to avoid the not-so-fabulous reactions. the good news is now when i find myself worked up about something {which is more often than i’d like to admit}, the practice of mindfulness has a tendency to seep in as a gentle reminder to move toward a response versus a reaction. inhale. exhale.
as you move into this new week, remember the image of the mind as a shaken snow globe and explore ways to settle it when it gets feisty. that may involve a yoga practice, a time-out, a journal entry, or five deep breaths. 
practice steps one through three: know your mind, train your mind, and free your mind. the mindfulness journey is an ongoing one where we’re given ample opportunity to practice at work, at home, and in the spaces in between. bisous. x