mindful monday {on tuesday}

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image courtesy of nancy bond
monday i was up at 3am to catch the 5:30 train to nyc for a daylong memoir writing class at gotham. despite the weather challenges {a dollop of snow and rain in dc}, i made it up and back just in time to be snuggled up for slumber by 11pm with the entire family. it was quite the whirlwind journey but well worth it. i always enjoy a quick jaunt to nyc–especially when i can focus on writing.
after teaching 10 hours friday – sunday {that’s HEAPS for this girl}, going to bed oh-so-early sunday {hello 7pm}, and jaunting back and forth to nyc yesterday, my tuesday has begun with a bit of a crawl. still in bed with my computer, three furry friends, an IV of green tea, and many dreams for the day. 
for most of dc, it’s a snow day. the feds closed which offers the city dwellers time to slow their pace, go to a lunchtime yoga class, and savor a gifted day. considering the hollydaze can bring out a bit of overwhelm in the best of us {it’s not all sugar cookies and candy canes}, i wanted to share more tips on embracing the hollydaze mindfully. remember, mindfulness is paying attention to the body and mind in the present moment sans judgment.
1. stay connected to your breath. let it be your anchor. as you observe yourself getting worked up, come back to your breath.
2.  let go of the nonessentials. what doesn’t bring you joy that is on your to-do list or commitments? let. it. go.
3. create new traditions. gift only consumables. sing carols by the fire. spend christmas eve at a soup kitchen.
4. focus on self-care. colds and exhaustion abounds. listen to your body. slow it down. schedule in time just for you. don’t forget your artist dates.
5. keep or establish routines. cultivate a way to begin and end your day in a manner that nurtures your soul. even if it is only five minutes for the bookends of your day’s experience.
here’s more from mindful.org on how to actually BE home for the hollydaze. what are your favorite tips? how will you find a dose of mindfulness this season? don’t delay, you deserve it. bisous. x