monday musings

love notes
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look for TranquiliT’s fall collection online early october. my local seamstress is busily prepping the fall collection while my webmaster is putting all the bells and whistles on our updated website. yay for fall! local ladies, join us at greenfestival october 23 + 24 to pick up for favorite sale items from summer and newly launched fall items in person.

soooo excited to share that tranquility du jour’s iPhone app is now available via iTunes. ooh la la!

tonight is our seasonal tranquilology teleclass. i can’t wait to connect with each of you. yay fall!

before settling into bed last night, i picked up a friend’s advance copy of his latest meditation book. i came across his top tips for healthy living and one was getting up and going to bed at the same time each day. really? my schedule has been so flexible over the years that i’ve taken advantage of it to negative degrees. creating into the wee hours or sleeping until 10am has surely taken its toll. thus, i set my alarm for 8am (must get my 8 hours of sleep!) and determined it was a good way to focus this fall. my internship is making it necessary and my piles of to-dos are too. thus, i’m trying to have computer off by 10 or 11pm and lights off no later than midnight.

do you have a set schedule? it sounds so rigid but i think my body is going to dig it. especially my energy levels!

wishing you a beautiful start to your week. don tall boots (rockin’ my fave vegan ones now), sparkly scarves, layers, and hats. yay fall fashion!

can’t wait to connect later tonight with sOMe of you and on wednesday with my tranquility project gals!