overscheduled anyone?

love notes
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it’s an absolutely gorgeous day here in dc and it’s getting me so excited about what lies ahead. the past week has been a whirlwind from sun up to sun down and it will continue through sunday. if i can just make it through the next few days, i see open space in my planner next week and it makes me feel lighter. why do i schedule such an insane day? i’m the only one in control of my schedule so i’m trying to figure out why tomorrow’s first meeting is at 7am and the last obligation ends at 10pm plus a 30-minute return home. hmmmm. this is a question to ponder. in addition, i feel guilty when people ask for a meeting and i respond, “oh, wednesday night is best? ok, my next wednesday night available is may 30 or july 11. preference?.” ridiculous.

last night i had dinner with a friend who i hadn’t sat down with for a solid year. she’s recently married and mentioned how often she goes out and spends time with friends despite her partnership at a law firm and consistent yoga practice. i balked as i’d just spent an entire day at a getting things done seminar and i still can’t seem to juggle all the exciting projects AND have see some friends without a year flying by. interestingly enough, at yesterday’s seminar i realized that i was pretty darn organized and great at writing lists to get things out of my head and onto paper, but i gotta find that magic place between productive and tranquil.

over the weekend i led some of our new teachers-in-training through a discussion and practice of mindfulness and ethics. we discussed the challenges of being a teacher and how the saying that we teach what we most need to learn holds some truth. as i rushed into an acupuncture appointment a couple of years ago, i mentioned how i felt badly that i was a yoga teacher yet so stressed at times. she gracefully responded, “thank goodness you teach yoga. imagine what you’d be like if you didn’t.” genius! anyone else feeling overscheduled?