pensively pondering passion

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“the aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware! ~ henry miller

february is fast upon us.

how are your 2005 intentions unfolding? how are you handling the lack of sunshine and ability to enjoy life outside? this is a month filled with carnation hearts, chilly weather, whispers of love, and lots of pink and red. i find that it is also a month where many people become stir crazy. the holidays are over, the thrill of new year’s resolutions have subsided, and we’re hanging on by a thread with anticipation of spring. how can we find a message in the madness through our yoga and beyond? to me, an underlying theme for february is a connection with passion. isn’t passion, (defined by my ibook dictionary as “an intense or overpowering emotion, keen interest in a particular subject or activity, and strong desire and excitement”), what our practice of yoga and life is really all about?

through yoga, we are able to reconnect to the basics such as breath, mindful movement, and thought cessation. by coming back to these basics, we can see where we are in need of action to avoid further stagnation. simple tools such as journal writing, yoga practice, meditation, and a good heart-to-heart with a trusted companion can assist with jolting one out of a rut. notice what areas feel passionless in your life and begin working with ways to bring it back. passion-filled changes could include trying a different level of practice at the studio, cooking with a new herb, taking up flamenco dance, designing a dress, writing a novel, creating a blog or starting a business. passion is about living out loud, being in the flow, taking chances, finding edges, and holding boundaries – with flair!

without passion, days lose importance and life becomes a continual dance on the hamster wheel. explore ways to bring passion back to your life, your relationships, and even your yoga practice. approaching your job or partnership with new eyes, or less judgmental eyes, that embody gratitude can do a lot for invoking passion. approaching the mat as if you’re new to the practice and listening intently to the subtleties encouraged by the teacher can invoke a passion for warrior 1.

life is meant to be lived fully. i love the quote above by henry miller. how often are you living with such passion that you are “joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware?” isn’t that what it’s all about? february, cupids, love, relationships, life – passion is at the core! may this month offer you a chance to connect with your passion both on and off the yoga mat.