red eye recovery

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having returned to dc yesterday morning after an insane red eye, i still don’t feel myself. those flights are inhumane! i’m smaller than your average adult and getting comfortable in those seats is next to impossible. i feel sorry for folks over 5’4″ as it must be total torture. yes, there are far worse things to have happen to you–war, disease, death, loss, etc.–but i feel the need to exploit red eyes at the moment. probably because i still have red eyes from trying to catch up on sleep, return to my time zone, and juggle an approaching deadline with three more chapters due (in addition to the edits to my first 3), all while maintaining my “normal” schedule.

life is funny that way, there never seems to be enough time (to sleep, finish projects, get packed, you name it). it is the story of my father’s life, “if only i had one more day,” he’d always exclaim as mom pushed him out the door on another excursion. however, i like to remind myself that i am given 24 hours a day, 168 hours a week just like everyone else including people that do more in a day than some do in a lifetime – martha stewart, madonna, oprah – to name a few. it is totally up to me how i use that time. as i write my chapter on self-nurturing, i find myself envying the numerous tools i recommend. i want more time to journal write, for creative solo excursions, for organizing, for meditating. well, i’m the only one who can make sure i do these things so i’d better start now!

i’ve signed up for a meditation teleclass with my friend and managing director, gina–lord knows we need this class! that’s one step towards red eye recovery and overall lifestyle improvement. i’d better get back to book writing as i have a 2-hour newbie knitting class tonight. this, too, is a step in the direction of life enhancement and self-nurturing. what small micromovement can you take to recovering from your own “red eye” (aka everyday exhaustion) this week?