resentment hinders joy

love notes
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i love my tuesday night yoga crowd. i’ve had this class since the start of tranquil space and LOVE teaching it. tonight’s reading at the end of class was from pema chodren (love this lady!) and focused on how resentment hinders joy. sure, i know that. you know that. but how do we shield the emotions that creep in? in the passage that i read (from wisdom of no escape) she reminds us that resentment will prevent us from noticing flowers set out on a dining room table – the basic beauty of everyday life.

as i personally struggle with resentment at the moment, i found it apropo to have come across this beautiful reminder to read to the class. negative emotion breeds negative emotion. how to fan to negative flames with kindness when brimming with resentment? hmmm, now that’s one to ponder!

this evening i enjoyed speaking to GWU’s women in business group. amazing girls filled with such drive and desire to make a difference. i was honored. i’ll have a photo with the executive board of the group, along with a link to listen to my speech followed by their Q & A, up soon. in the meantime, keep shining and notice those flowers. we deserve joy in abundance! so long resentment.