simple pleasures

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scenes from today’s play
in response to yesterday’s question “what does it mean to live your best life right now?,” i did some art journaling last night and one big theme was basking in life’s simple pleasures. there are SO many of them and taking the time to truly smell the roses can have a profound effect – especially when dealing with grief, stress, or any other curve ball life throws our way. and in dc we’re blessed with the centennial cherry blossoms and heaps of blooming trees right now which serve as the perfect reminder that we are meant to continually evolve, grow, and sprout new blooms.
today has been ALL about simple pleasures. from starting the day with a stroll through the woods with le beau +le pug, to meeting miss lillian (the sponsored piglet by the tranquil space team in honor of my gramma – bottom center), to spoiling walter (lower right), to picking up some gorgeous succulents (upper left), to art journaling (lower left), to devouring half a box of thin mints (no pic – thank goodness), and to enjoying the blooming trees (upper right). 
with a lit lilac candle and pink thermos of green tea, i’m now settling in to do some writing. oh, and prep tonight’s podcast with patrica monaghan, author of meditation: the complete guide. i’m sure you’ll love it! life is made up of so many simple pleasures and i’m on a mission to bask in them more and more. et toi? bisous. x