stop me before i buy again

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another exciting day of software training coupled with a yummy jivamukti class (that included a kiss on the check from the lovely russell simmons when i reminded him that i was his “hip hop yoga teacher”). during my quest around ny looking for a new nose ring with my post-yoga glow, i “stumbled” upon barnes and noble. my journey pulled up zero tattoo/piercing salons so i found comfort in a bookstore open until 11pm. um, and i left with four more books. bonjour, my name is kimberly and i have a book-buying problem!

this morning i was late to training because i realized that i was missing my planner pad. gasp! had to return to the hotel and head back up to the 10th floor in a very slow elevator. by the time i arrived to my scheduled meeting at the training, i was a bit frazzled and sleep deprived. the wake-up calls from the hotel at ungodly hours (7 or 8am) is painful! i’m used to waking up on my own or with a “feed me” bark from louis and have been in deeeepppp sleep when the phone rings. woe is moi. anyway, i was babbling on about a current woe during my morning meeting and i received the best advice ever: take the path of least resistance. genius! it’s so important to pick our battles and to realize when it’s just not worth the energy. such a fine line to walk . . . but a crucial one to figure out if we want to maintain tranquil mental health.

in case you were drawn to the democratic debates tonight and are curious about with presidential candidate you’re most aligned with, check out glassbooth. this site is great and helps us get clear on the issues – complete with links to educate on the issues. ‘night.