Summer’s Last Hurrah + Fall Prep

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parisPhoto by Carla Coulson

What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.
—John Steinbeck

Next week we welcome fall. A season filled with so many treats—pumpkin patches, apples, tall boots, hay rides, campfires, layers, colorful leaves. For some it’s the new year, for others it’s back to school or simply the end of summer.

Wherever you are on this spectrum, consider pausing to honor summer’s last hurrah. A weekend brunch date with someone you’ve missed. A jaunt to the farmers’ market. Time with your journal. A picnic in the park. One final beach jaunt. An art journal spread. A yoga class. A hike through the woods. A long bike ride. Something that provides a moment of intentionality.

Before transitioning, I’ll often reminisce on the past season while also organizing the new season. As we enter the final week of summer and I prepare to host next week’s fall Tranquility du Jour Live, now feels like the perfect time.

Summer highlights:

Hosting Yoga and the Animals
Writing retreat in Ojai
Turning 43 in Vegas with Garth Brooks {+ Tim!}
Biking the Grand Canyon South rim
Hosting a virtual retreat
Humane Society of US conference
Guns n’ Roses concert
Time with family in Oklahoma
Adopting Belle Starr
Launching weekly doga videos for WooFDriver
Beach with pups
Brunch dates with friends
Writing workshop at Kripalu
Farm Sanctuary Hoe Down
Launching TranquiliT’s fall collection
Working on the Daybook
Afternoons at wineries

All in all, summer was a joy although it wasn’t without its’ challenges—water damage, health issues, writing frustration. I’ll sum it up as a travel-filled assortment of experiences, learning, and creating with a few big obstacles thrown in.

While writing in my journal this morning, I listed my Q4 projects and felt a surge of excitement mixed with a twinge of “oh my!” Having them tucked away in my journal isn’t the daily reminder I need, so I wrote them onto pink paper and taped them above my desk {with gold striped washi tape, of course}. I’ll also carve out time in my Daybook to work on these projects.

So far Q4 projects include:

Write piece for
Host Tranquility du Jour Live
Host Writing in the Woods retreat
Ship Daybooks
Host Daybook playshop
Host Hip Tranquil Chick 10 event
Prep confetti-filled pre-sale packets
Take licensing exam
Celebrate Tranquil Space’s 17th year
Write Hip Tranquil Chick 10 chapter
Start Veterinary Social Work program

How do you honor transitions? Do you have a ritual or path of reflection? Making lists may not be your thing. Consider creating an art journal spread with photos from this season and tearing images from magazines that represent dreams for the next season.

These pauses create space to close one door and open another.

Here’s to what’s to come and a deep bow to what was. I look forward to celebrating the transition with you during next week’s free seasonal online event, Tranquility du Jour Live. Bisous. x