sunday afternoon musings: oodles o’ updates

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guest bloggers: merci beaucoup for your feedback on our oh-so-talented guest bloggers. to make your reading experience as phenomenal as possible, starting this week our guest bloggers will be sharing their voice every other week versus weekly to help keep your inboxes tranquil. you’ll also be hearing from them live and in person on podcasts coming out this spring.

new e-course: as you know from my monthly goals, launching a *new* online course was a goal and i’m excited to share that it has just been posted: tranquilista lifestyle: joie de vivre. this 6-week series will discuss all things from mindfulness to style to entrepreurship to launching a product and will include podcasts, videos, and a private blog. hope you can join!

winner of tranquility giveaway: carrie, a former hip tranquil chick retreat participant, passed along the cutest images of her out and about with her copy of tranquilista. see image above. so VERY creative. merci, carrie! YOU are the winner of the tranquility goody bag! here is her takeaway:

“The biggest takeaway from Tranquilista for me was definitely the concept that I can be an entrepreuener of my own life, as well as a business. Since I first read your introduction… I do have a need to “forge ahead with a new way of designing our lives as self-designed entrepreneurs”; I am “today’s woman who wants to leave a legacy through her daily actions”; and I do believe that “entrepreneurship is all about carving out your own special spot in this world”… this inspiring notion has encompassed much of my thoughts. Tranquilista has taught me that consistency should be key in my personal style, my interactions, and most importantly, my actions. And the thought of actually “branding” myself, has really got the wheels in motion.”

personalized notes: merci beaucoup to the oodles of you who passed along your snail mail addys from texas, france, uk, and beyond. your personalization is painted a la mexico, signed a la dc, and i hope to get them in the mail today or tomorrow. apologies for the delay. promise i haven’t forgotten about you. trying to make them as fun as possible and to handle the volume! you rock!

book launch fete: 100 gerber daisies, oodles of ribbon, inspiring quotes on vellum, organza bags with vanilla tea lights, 50 recycled paper goody bags, damask armwarmers, live music, $5 donation to tranquil space foundation, background + reading from tranquilista by moi, guest visit by louis the pug, rose tea, complimentary pastries and savories, cash bar = THIS thursday night 7-9pm. répondez s’il vous plaît.

snail mail package: today i opened the most thoughtful box full of delightful treats from tea to cupcake bandaids to slanted tweezers with a beautiful woman on it from an oh-so-thoughtful blog reader, melita. i am *beyond* grateful and had to share the gorgeous package with you. this simple gesture reminded me of how precious snail mail is to give and receive.

snail mail challenge: i wanted to propose a *challenge* that all readers send out one bit of snail mail this week: a care package, a letter with a tea bag stuffed inside, an eiffel tower stamped postcard, a book you think your friend would enjoy, an old photograph of you two, an article you think they will enjoy – something that shows you are thinking of them. let me know how this goes!

mindfulness: i spent the weekend studying with mark epstein and sharon salzberg and took lots of notes. i continue to fall more and more in love with the teachings of mindfulness and look forward to sharing what i learned over this next week.

closing: wishing you a tranquil close to your weekend. nosh on veggies. cuddle your 4-legged friend. curl up with a good book. make a pot of tea. light a fire. write in your gratitude journal. set priorities for the week ahead.

thank you for being you.