top knot thoughts

love notes
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bonjour from a creativity break. 
my belly is full of salad, rice, beans and yummy fresh juices (oh, and a hint of snack sized m + ms). before i dash back up to the studio for the afternoon and evening, i wanted to share a few thoughts. 
1. i’m over the moon to be able to (almost) rock the beloved top knot – see photo to left. 
2. for over a week i find myself waking up in the middle of the night asking “why?” regarding gramma. oui, i know she is 99, has lived a good life, and we’ve known this time was coming, but it doesn’t make it any easier. i still feel so confused by her decline. of course i know we don’t live forever, but (in my eyes) it seems like she still has so much spunk left and a good few more years. my heart is truly broken and i know this will be a hard time for the family as she is the most adored person i know. ok, close tie with sir louis, but still!
3. i’m busily processing, crafting, and pulling my dreams into a concrete state. i look forward to sharing the final product and announcing some exciting happenings. in addition, i’ll craft a how-to for you to join me on the journey.
4. i’ll be writing tranquilolgie’s february muse during my time here. i would love to hear any special wishes based on your reading of january. hope you’re loving the process and using your monthly checklist plus weekly planner. 
merci beaucoup for joining moi on this adventure called life. i’m honored.
bisous. x