tranquilosophy: bloom into being

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image courtesy of fouettes and jettes
spring has sprung. i’m ready! et toi? blooming trees, peonies, open windows, yoga on the deck, planting impatiens, and chirping birds. these are just a few of the many things j’adore about this time of the year.
when i contemplate how i want to be this spring (lord knows i already have my long to-do list), i’m reminded of this great article i can across via npr. i love this line, “the bottom line seems to be that we know too much, understand too little and we are way too scared of what we might be missing.” does this resonate? 
this reminds me of another insightful article from the new york times, the busy trap. the author writes, “busyness serves as a kind of existential reassurance, a hedge against emptiness; obviously your life cannot possibly be silly or trivial or meaningless if you are so busy, completely booked, in demand every hour of the day.” hmmmm.
as we move into this season focused on blooming, i encourage you to take time to reflect on how you want to bloom. for moi, i’m hoping for deeper listening, full-bodied experiences, and more being. and the great news is i feel it slowly happening deep inside. it’s a good feeling.
today begins a 4-day psychotherapy conference i’m attending here in dc. my first all-day workshop is on art therapy. truly, i couldn’t be more excited and i’ll be sure to share my takeaways.
wishing you a beautiful day filled with dreams of blooming into being. bisous. x