tranquilosophy: new eyes

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 thrift shopping
 spring flower gazing en route to writing classes
 self portrait among spring blossoms
 birdhouse church
colorful tiles at wilmington train station

the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, 
but in having new eyes. – marcel proust

this week included day trips to new york city and wilmington, deleware for my social work internship. although i fell behind with daily tasks (courtesy of my 4:45am-2am nyc adventure), i am grateful for the opportunity to step out of routine for two days. 

sure, unfolded laundry and mail have piled up and i have a presentation due tomorrow that i have yet to finish {or start for that matter}, but i am filled with new experiences and fond memories.

the above quote came to mind as i pondered the last few days. although i was blessed with new landscapes {even though i’ve been to nyc numerous times, there is always something new}, i was also blessed with new eyes. 

escaping routine offers the chance to see the forest for the trees, dream up new ideas, and gaze out the window as the train speeds past cityscapes. 

the idea, however, is to have new eyes on a regular basis. a beginner’s mind. 

as zen teacher suzuki states, “in the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind there are few.” see with new eyes the possibility and beauty in front of you. bisous. x