tranquilosophy: the story of scars

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surgery scar displayed while smelling lavender in luberon
while at the write your heart out, washington workshop last month, we were given a writing prompt to start the day and it was to tell the story about a scar in a few minutes. considering my two surgeries in 2010 which left prominent scars on my body, i felt like i was being given an easy challenge. here’s what flowed:
“my scar. on my right shoulder. oh, and my left thumb. remnants of a year of painful surgeries not yet healed. another scar is over my heart. it mourns the loss of my gramma and it hurts very much. my scars are a sort of battle wound and they have left me slightly defeated and royally exhausted. scars take their toll, yet also build character. they have weakened my strength, but not my will.”
i can across this a few days ago and wanted to share it with you. june 20 was the 4-month anniversary of my gramma’s death. as i was falling asleep that night, i was overwhelmed with grief and began to whimper. it wasn’t until the next morning that i realized it was an anniversary. despite knowing it consciously, my body new it and reminded me with intense grief. 
do you have scars? if so, what are the stories they tell? take a few minutes to bring their stories to life. feel free to share in the comments section or in your own journal. bisous. x