wednesday well-being: essentials

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since returning to the pink palace i’ve been on a mission to avoid falling into old habits. you may know the ones, continual connection to email or social media, starting the day in a reactionary mode versus on my own terms, and staying up later than my body wishes. considering we’re now on day 4, i can’t say it’s been perfectly smooth but i have been making a concerted effort despite being in a slight “back to reality” haze sans miss lillie’s roaming wheels.

knowing where to begin when there are . . . pending projects, new projects to start, retreats to schedule, workshops to plan {two this weekend at tranquil space: 1) yoga + writing and 2) mindfulness}, and trip supplies to tuck away can be, well, debilitating.

it’s oddly so exciting to have options, wifi, a bath tub, and fireplace again that i’m finding myself easily distracted and pulled in one of many shiny new apple directions. that’s when picking up the power of less: the fine art of limiting yourself to the essential . . . in business and in life is helpful.

i read it when it came out and have a tendency to return to it when seeking assistance slowing down and reconnecting to basics. the author’s idea of choosing the essential offers insight when feeling pulled in many directions. in his book he outlines nine ways to help choose the essential:

1. what are your values?
2. what are your goals?
3. what do you love?
4. what is important to you?
5. what has the biggest impact?
6. what has the most long-term impact?
7. needs vs. wants.
8. eliminate the nonessential.
9. continue the editing process.

a to-do on monday was to “identify the essential” and it’s unchecked in my tranquility du jour daybook. i blame all those shiny apples. and it’s a big task involving lots of reflection. my goal is now to spend the rest of the year reflecting on it as i pull together my 2014 dreams strategy.

for an ongoing dose of well-being i recommend we spend time connecting with the essentials and letting go of the nonessentials. agree? how to you cope with all the shiny apples beckoning attention? bisous. x