week in review: artist date, planner pad + catch-up

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week in review
* 2 yoga. yay.
* taught 1 yoga
* 2 days o’ internship
* chose date and charities for india night 
* finalized kripalu hip tranquil chick retreat deets: august 28-september 2
* artist date with hope of paper relics (photos + inspiration forthcOMing)
* return to pig sanctuary
* shepherdstown shopping, vegan chilli, spiced apple cider with mama, pops, le beau
* picked up reused ball gown skirt ($20) to top with new TranquiliT tee a la carrie bradshaw
* no gym. boo.
* picked up tuxedo jacket to spruce up my internship wear. love with leggings, tall boots, 2in1 chemise!
* penned muse for tranquil space newsletter
* shipped 20 TranquiliT orders from green friday sale. merci for shopping green!
* saw 127 hours with le beau. great flick.
* met with potential new (+ fabulous) volunteer for tranquil space foundation
* got tickets for humane society’s sugar + champagne event
* designed + filled in 2011 planner pad. see images above a la anthropologie catalog.
* took inbox from 220 to 26 emails. lowest number in years. lasted only hours, felt cleansing.
* shared week 2 on body with tranquility project participants (who are fabulous, by the way)
* ordered oodles of more noir organic bamboo fabric
* ordered TranquiliT spring 2011 samples AND fabric (think honeysuckle, blue curacao with a splash of peapod and regatta: thanks for your votes!)
* crafted december goals: what are yours?
* played in art journal fireside with holiday tunes in background
* chose 11 foot white pine tree for le beau’s cabin and helped hang lights
* set up tranquil space team holly day fete at elizabeth’s on l. lots of raw items = yum!
* teacher practice
* cleaned chez moi to host hope in a sacred (not messy) setting
* juggled oodles of schedule change requests for 2011 classes
* shipped 3 care packages full of love

despite the items i’ve listed, very few things are knocked off my list. how does that happen? we do, and do, and do, yet our lists stay long. sound familiar? even most of my MITs (most important tasks) are still pending which are usually my priorities. hmmmm, playing catch up after being away for 12 days plus holly day time is probably the culprit. proud of myself for inserting the play dates with le beau AND the lovely hope, but need more gym, yoga, and meditation time, too. et toi?

when you look at your week, how do you see it spent? does it reflect your values? during my art journaling time earlier this week i began highlighting some of 2010 and noting dreams of 2011. not to get ahead of myself (still one month left!), but i always find this process insightful. many lessons learned. many memories. lots of forced slowing down (a la surgeries) plus forced outside comfort zone (a la internship). all good things.

indeed life is all about balance and there is much to juggle. you know it as well as i do. i feel grateful for the opportunity to tackle this continuous challenge. and to have you by my side. may mOMents of tranquility infuse our journey.