week in review + october dreams

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happy, happy october. tranquil space turns 11 years old this month and it officially feels like fall in dc. love it!

this season gives us a chance to slow it all down. consider canceling plans and staying in with a good book. head to the shenandoah mountains for a hike. bike through a park and carry a picnic. nap under the canopy of falling leaves. camp under the stars and make smores (yum!). indulge in restorative or yummy yin yoga to balance out your vinyasa practice. savor a soak in the tub.

below are is my week in review plus october dreams and review of september’s. how are yours unfolding? we’re in the hOMe stretch of 2010. *what* a year!

week in review:
– ikea shopping for big office reorg. photos to cOMe.
– gym 2X. heart the stationary bike.
– 2 days at n street village
– saw catfish with beau. interesting flick.
– sunday brunch with beau.
– finalized the fall TranquiliT look book
– oodles of meetings
– scheduled a massage for upcOMing day off mid-month
– hosted 85 team members at annual team retreat
– took friend out for his birthday lunch. noshed on gnocchi. yum!
– wrote muse for tranquil space newsletter

october dreams:
1. host fun dinner party for a few friends.
2. see facebook move. (tonight!)
3. host 2 fun hip hop yoga workshops.
4. raise $3k for tranquil space foundation at october 14 event.
5. savor removal of pink cast + launch into more physical therapy.
6. showcase TranquiliT at green festival. see old friends and meet new ones!
7. meet new pigs to sponsor at pig sanctuary on october 17.
8. write activism blog post now that i’m less raw.
9. find time for studying among new schedule. le sigh.
10. savor arist date with hope next friday. yay art journaling!
11. take louis to pet blessing. so excited.
12. complete 4 MSW assignments successfully.
13. host insightful, informative client advisory board session (open to all tranquil space members) next friday.
14. oodles of gym, yoga, sit (meditation)
15. continue getting up early. helps to get a jump start on the day.

 september dreams:
1. acclimate (with grace) to new schedule that includes 2.5 days MSW plus hOMework and running TranquiliT, tranquil space, tranquil space foundation, and hip tranquil ventures. IN PROGRESS.
2. get visa for india adventure OCTOBER, GOT SHOTS THOUGH!
3. host fun-filled grand opening soiree for tranquil space arlington: september 17: cOMe! DONE
4. finalize TranquiliT’s new website and launch fall collection (sample hOMepage above) LAUNCHES NEXT WEEK
5. finalize deets on a new york city book event. IN PROGRESS
6. savor time with beau’s family at annual corn roast festival in upstate new york. DONE
7. heal, heal, heal. IN PROGRESS
8. host inspirational and informational retreat for tranquil space team on september 26. DONE
9. host festive dinner party for beloved couple. RESCHEDULED
10. launch the tranquility project e-course – woo-hoo! DONE
11. host inspiring fall teleclass on september 20. DONE
12. be fully present with each teacher during our annual check-ins. DONE
13. gym 2-4X/week, yin yoga daily, meditation daily. DONE
14. sponsor some piggies from the pig sanctuary WAITING TO MEET THEM THIS MONTH.
15. have a big ol’ artist date. yum! TO DO
16. balance finances. explore mint.com. anyone use it and love it? NOT DONE
17. prep work to help make 4th annual tranquil space foundation celebration a success. save the date: october 14 at the darlington house in dc. DONE