what’s next?

love notes
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over the past few weeks, i’ve had a few people ask me what was next considering i’d just completed a long-time goal (and 3-year journey) with the book. hmmm, “great question,” i’ve replied. this is a tough one. after the book launch i told a few close friends that i was taking the rest of the year off to focus on this and to take a bit of a break after a very intense year.

however, the past few weeks have been incredibly busy with meetings, phone calls, TranquiliT spring line, new websites, spring teacher training plans, time with my accountant, planning the costa rica retreat, newsletters, book events, and sleeping. where to find time to explore what is next? doesn’t life have a way of getting away from you?

tomorrow i’m meeting with a couple of girlfriends for our annual holiday lunch that includes updates and discussion of our goals. it’s sooo important to take the time to reflect on these things – otherwise life is sure to take over and leave us little space. take a moment and ask yourself what is next for you. reflect on where you are and where you want to be next year this time? i know this time of the year is incredibly harried but i’m hopeful that take a few moments to explore what’s next will have a profound effect. c’mon girls, tell me, what’s next?