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bonjour from my flight to portland. while le pug secretly slumbers on the seat between moi and le beau {shhhh, he’s hidden under my black throw}, i wanted to do a quick birthday recap as promised.
for the past many years i’ve penned a reflection on the year that has passed and the year that lies ahead in my journal and sometimes here in the blog: 2012 and 2010.
i took time in paris to reflect on my 39th year and what i’d like to see unfold in my 40th. below is a recap:
highlights since june 30, 2012:
completed MSW
six weeks in paris
updated blog + website looks
10-day retreat to india
released tranquility du jour daybook + shipped it around the globe
hosted spring + fall TranquiliT pop-ups
600-hour amtrak internship
hosted fall, spring + summer retreats in west virginia
co-created tranquility tour with le beau
vegas + oklahoma travels
jaunt to lake como, italy
released TranquiliT fall collection
began year of mindfulness program
psychotherapy networker conference
made + released tranquillité parfum
5-day writing workshop in paris
hosted 2 paris retreats
bonnard diagnosed with cancer {sigh}
walked for farm animals
learned how to hand stamp jewelry
began hosting select guests at the pink palace through air bnb
tranquil space foundation fall + spring events
internal rebrand of tranquil space foundation
tranquil space turned 13 
learned to can with mama wilson
tried to learn granny squares
took an iphoneography class
learned lots at two animal rights conferences
simplified schedule
dreams for june 30, 2014:
part-time social work job {to begin accumulation of 3k hours}
pass social work licensing exam
complete victoria moran’s vegan academy
tranquility tour success: meet + connect with lots of sweet souls
release 2014 tranquility du jour daybook
tranquilologie release + book launch fete
release tranquility du jour anthology
begin work on memoir
world domination summit
weekly digital day off
10-year anniversary 
learn how to granny square
crystallize tranquil space creative director role
healthy finances + establish budgets
intro of chevron + stripes into TranquiliT
weekly date night
external rebrand of tranquil space foundation
weekly designated creativity day
create + release tranquilologie manifesto
tranquillité parfum products {bath salts, etc.}
final offering of tranquilista joie de vivre e-course 
tranquil space’s 14th birthday fete 

consistent tranquility-infused morning + evening rituals
weekly girlfriend time 
sit down for meals {versus eating on the run}
home sewing + return to private lessons
daily yoga + meditation
more animal rights efforts
mostly vegan
as i review 2012’s dreams for 2013, i’m pleased to see many of the dreams came true and many carried over to 2014 {still struggling to find the perfect morning and evening routines}. it’s been a juicy year and the 40s are feeling good so far. {although i’ve been sleeping lots of them thanks to my time zone confusion}.

i can’t thank you enough for the sweet facebook and twitter love, snail mail love notes, instagram and email kindness over the past week. birthdays make me feel like a princess. if only we received so much love every day, wouldn’t that be beautiful?

as my computer begins to run out of juice, so am i. off to nap in preparation for a pacific time zone arrival in 2.5 hours. i look forward to sharing my summit takeaways along with the entertaining “portlandia” experience. truly the land of sunshine and bunnies! my plan is to write, edit, make art, drink lots of green juice, do yoga, read, and explore powell’s for hours and hours. oh, and have that family photo shoot i mentioned with lovely lara blair.

40’s feeling mighty fine. a milestone, yes. but truly just another new day to strive to make dreams reality. what a gift! bisous. x